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Searching in any library for books on project management will definitely lead to success. Much seems to
have been written about how to manage a project successfully. But why do most projects in real life still
fail or end up exceeding the originally agreed upon budget, time or resources? The answer is quite easy:
The project simply does not exist. Every project and as a consequence every project manager has to deal
with different targets, different environments and, last but not least, with different people. Therefore, only
the Know-how and the Do-how will transform a project manager into an excellent project manager.
This course is based upon the global project management experiences I gained in different positions,
especially with international management consulting companies and working as a member and chairman
of executive boards. I now have the pleasure to share my knowledge and gain new experiences (not only
in project management) as a professor with eager and enthusiastic students.
Every project manager will develop his or her own management style in their career. Due to the
constraints in the number of pages of this book I have limited the examples and case studies to an absolute
minimum. Also the so-called “soft-skills” of project management could not be discussed in detail.
This book should provide the interested reader with an overview of the methods and tools which have
been proven successful for project managers. Everybody who would like to have an extended reading
about some chapters should refer to the endnotes, where additional references are listed.

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever